Random Acts Of Kindness

My five acts of kindness are given below:

1-I shared information of resume with my one the best friend and gave him suggestion about resume because he was asking it for a long time so feel pleasure to share my information

2-My group leader told me about the final year that we should start work on it with full speed, because we are gonna late but I replied him that we know that our project is one of the versatile and easy project,so be easy and i have already started my work on final year project and i ready to do you want.

3-I gave my lab copy to foreigner without any mean.

4- I helped one my amal fellow by giving her demo and certains informations related to amal projects, which were difficult to understand on phone call and I encourage her to attend classes ,not left a single one.

5-I gave few rupees to children to buy flag of eid miladunnabi

6-I asked with my resent in a very soft voice “I know you are angry with me i I say sorry for this”My voice did the trick and he replied only through smile only

I t was a good experience of kindness through out the week .I felt pleasure,calmness in my soul and I learned that if you grip the rope of kindness with you through your voice , words ,gestures and first one to say sorry, help others without any mean, this will reduce a heavy weight of tension from us.

First, I was narrow minded and do not share my things like lab copy or other informations etc. But when I started doing its reverse, I got splendid results like my friends started to share their informations with me and most of us probably remember me in their prayers as I got good Gpa 3.2 in my 6 th semester when I was ill just before papers and expecting Gpa 2.7.

I started to do kindness habits in start of third year because I realized that it was a basic necessity to have a good relation with every one and good for work in team and this course of kindness helping me alot too.