Each year, the CES Innovation Awards are being held in the course of the event. In 2019, the azultec Cube managed to win the Honoree award in the category Sustainability and Eco-Design. But what makes the Cube stand out in that regard? Read more here!

The azultec Cube: a unique approach

At this year’s CES more than 4500 companies presented the newest technological advances from all over the world. But as always, only a handful of products managed to shake up the tech-world in ways that are noteworthy. The azultec Cube managed to impress, when it came to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

For a long time, it…

Cloud rendering with the Cube is an amazing and easy way to make money while having your hardware doing the job for you. azultec is now offering a great 50% discount deal for anyone interested in joining this profitable field. Read more to find out!

There are many different ways to generate profit using the azultec Cube. One of the best benefits of all of them is the high efficiency and eco-friendly design of the device while making money at the same time.

zultec wants to grant more users the chance to find out how amazing the Cube is and…

As mentioned in our roadmap, we did a prototype testing of our liquid cooling for the graphics cards used in the Cube and WizardMachine in Dubai last year. Of course, we want to share the results of this test.

Smart City Dubai

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world and is known for its progressive attitude in technological terms. Dubai’s smart city strategy also uses blockchain.

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, is a result of a collaboration between the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation to continually explore and evaluate the latest technology innovations…

azultec is offering every participant in the ICO the chance to earn additional tokens by using the referral program. This allows you to invite new users to participate in the azultec ICO and get some extra tokens depending on how big the investement by the new member is.

Don’t know, what azultec is? Watch this video:

It’s all in your ICO dashboard

Once of you have logged in into the dashboard, you’ll find a complete overview about all your activities, like transactions and messages.

Refer new participants and get free tokens

Just follow the link on the left that says „referral program“ to get your referral link. This link allows you to…

We are happy to introduce the RenderMaster 300, a high-performance, water-cooled render server for the industry, built with highly optimized hardware and software. Thanks to these optimizations, the RenderMaster 300 works up to 25 percent more efficiently than traditional rendering solutions. This also leads to an increased reliability and lifespan of the components and enables additional services for use in a professional environment.

Cloud rendering services: more in demand than ever

The need for rendering resources is enormous: in addition to well-known software giants and Hollywood studios, other business segments such as 3D studios, animation studios and advertising agencies also need as much computing power as possible to…

We are very happy to introduce the Cube 300, a unique and highly powerful cloud rendering workstation. In combination with a unique, self-developed ecosystem, rendering in the cloud is to be revolutionized and to become much eco-friendlier by reusing most of the energy consumed by the workstation. In addition, owners of the Cube are rewarded with monthly payments for providing computing power to the cloud network.

From mining PC to cloud rendering workstation

Originally, we wanted to build the most efficient miner in the world. To achieve this, we created a complete ecosystem that can recycle the majority of the consumed energy in the form of heat.

Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, 15 January 2019 — azultec, provider of an eco-friendly concept for cloud computing, announces the official launch of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on March 5th, 2019, at 3 pm (CET). This is to optimize the production of water-cooled rendering workstations as well as to finance the development of the world’s largest decentralized cloud computing network. Preliminary registrations are already accepted!

Who is azultec?

The founding team of azultec combines the expertise of three renowned German companies from the IT and high-tech sectors: Aquatuning, Alphacool and technikPR. …

Cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips and are slowly becoming acceptable. This is because more and more consumers are getting involved in mining. However, probably one of the most important points should not be neglected, i.e. the security of the earned currencies. And this is exactly where the so-called wallets come into play. In this post we highlight a few types of wallets available to store the tokens safely.

How to store crypto token at all?

Cryptocurrencies are not a commodity to store at home on the hard drive — they can’t be stored on a crypto exchange either. The obtained coins or token exist solely as an…

Nowadays one encounters the term blockchain more and more frequently. But what exactly is it? Of course, there are numerous definitions and explanations, but they are usually quite complicated or require some basic knowledge. In this blog post, we, therefore, try to explain the blockchain as simply as possible.

A blockchain is a digital chain of blocks, and each of these blocks contains information about executed transactions that can be reviewed by anyone. All blocks are connected in chronological order. New blocks, therefore, end up at the end of the chain — but only after they have successfully passed a…

You want to get to know us better and meet us in person? In that case, come and see us at CES 2019! We will have a suite at The Mirage” and not only showcase the azultec Cube, but also answer all your questions regarding our plans for the future and the ICO, of course. azultec is a visionary project and a merger of three successful German companies, which are among the most well-known names in the IT and tech market. In addition to the unveiling of a brand new cryptocurrency, CES 2019 will also feature the presentation of azultec’s…

azultec ICO

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