Troubleshooting Techniques through Dexacoin Transformation

Azura Nia
Azura Nia
Aug 14 · 3 min read

Life in the world consists of various problems that keep on changing and even growing. Each of these problems is solved by various settlement techniques. Where there are social problems that can be resolved only through deliberation and problems of democracy which are resolved through the path of democracy. For example, such as the election of heads of state with voting techniques in several regions of the country. Various research and thesis titles in a number of research institutions and universities are also inspired by all kinds of problems that exist in this world.

Besides through consensus and democracy, the problems that must be resolved through the creation of a technological system. One of the main problems that is most often resolved through technology is issues around financial management. Did you know that at this time the spread of official currency and cryptocurrency is very fast, therefore there is a need for technological systems that can regulate and maintain the stability of the use of these two types of currencies. Not only in terms of distribution, even in terms of their use, everyone also needs a tool or system that can speed up the process of utilization. Therefore from this moment Dexacoin’s latest platform is available that can provide one-stop service for all types of payment transactions, both among different currencies of different types and same-sex.

The main problem in the world of financial management is the availability of time. Where at present there are a number of financial institutions that only serve the financial transactions of users at a certain time only. This is certainly not in accordance with the financial services needs of someone who is not limited by time. At present for the problem of sending and receiving some money, these financial institutions have used an automation system to operate the function. But in addition to the payment and receipt functions, users also have a number of other issues that must be resolved immediately. For example if there is an error in the number of digits during the transfer process or the transfer of funds in the wrong account. So what if this happens outside the working hours of the financial institution? We can automatically say that the user must wait until the office hours are valid.

What if the problem just now was felt by Dexacoin users. Then Dexacoin can automatically resolve the issue quickly. Because currently dexacoin is listed as a platform that serves financial transactions both within one country and across countries. If we study each country has a different time, then automatically also Dexacoin also cannot limit its working hours to be able to serve users effectively. This is what causes him obliged to provide services for 24 hours without stopping. Therefore users do not need to worry if problems occur that come suddenly and outside the usual working hours.

The services provided are active for 24 hours, of course also supported by decentralized technology owned by Dexacoin. Where this technology does not use centralized service techniques, which carry out data storage at a particular place. This is very effective if the admin only serves a few customers or users. But what if at any time the number of users is booming and there is only one admin who holds certain services? Then you can be sure the users will wait for a queue with a time that can not be determined at all.

By using decentralized Blockchain technology, all data will be stored in one place that can be accessed by all admins. Therefore if there is a user who has previously contacted admin 1 to ask for help, and the next day when the user contacts admin 2. Then automatically admin 2 can also continue to resolve the issue. Therefore users no longer need to wait for admin 1 who is serving other users. In addition, there is no buildup of workload for the admin.
Later with the various transformations and developments he did, it is very likely if Dexacoin applies AI (Artificial AI). Where with the integration of this technology a number of user problems can be answered automatically by the system, without having to rely on the admin. Therefore we can say that technology was created to reduce and even crush all existing problems by alleviating the burden of human life.

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