“Come upstairs and I, I’ll show you where all my, where my demons hide from you.”… Lianne LaHavas.

I always get inspired listening to Lianne’s songs. I used to be selfish with my writing. Maybe. Or maybe I just didn’t have a medium to share and I also didn’t think anyone would be inspired until I attended a poetry session in Houston, Summer 17, and Dannell told me my piece inspired him. We also watched this youtube video of Lianne and Durand, on the streets of Downtown Houston. It was perfect.

Words to my Child.

Activate your imagination with or without guidance.

Use art, words, music, drawings to express indescribable feelings.

Pursue your passion at the expense of acceptance.

Accepting yourself at the cost of being dejected.

Sacrifice your comfort to help others that have nothing to offer in return.

Achieve feats you set & push beyond your threshold.

Find the best in the worst of situations.

Be truly humble no matter how affluent you may be.

Desperation is a very dangerous emotion.

Never make decisions in such situations.

Be selfless.

Never take advantage of others. Be willing to put yourself in their shoes so you are able to better understand their position.

Change the world but start with you.

Be honest, don’t lie to yourself.

That because you believe it is right doesn’t make you right.

And ask for forgiveness when your ego says “so what if I am wrong.”

Be genuinely selfless when nothing is at stake.

There is a thin line between less and more in less is more.

Love what you love.

Form your own trends.

Dance your heart out.

Jealousy & envy will cause people to talk about you. Let them, but never do anything to validate their stories.

Do right so you can always stand up for yourself, no matter what.

Don’t judge. That’s Gods job.

You can fight for a friendship as long as the person is willing to stay connected, otherwise cry about it if you must, but let it go. If it is damaging, Cut them off. If it is not your fault, never blame yourself.

Don’t dwell on the past, it is unhealthy, so is hate. Choose indifference. It is way cooler.

Don’t let the bad judgement of others underline the issues in your future. The negative situations of the past should not affect your present. Learn to let go.

Never tell someone how they should feel.

Never let them see you sweat.

If found, please return to owner.

Do not be greedy. What is not meant for you will never be yours even if you steal it.

Humble bragging is worse than actual bragging.

Attention seeking is irritating.

Stop telling people your business.

Protect yourself.

Addiction is a state of mind. Train yourself to resist temptation.

Traveling alone while single is the best. Having someone to come home to is even better.

Put down that smart phone.

And the camera, now.

Savor the moment. Don’t pose for it.

Take deep breaths. Meditate.

Be good to everyone.

Be quiet. If you feel an unkind urge, walk away.

Communicate! Pick up a pen, write someone a letter.

Meet up for coffee, food, drinks.

Stay active.

Be alone.

Try new recipes.

Exercise. Yoga. Sports.

Don’t look for company when you’re miserable. Be by yourself. Be yourself.

Don’t accept peoples tags. You’re awkward, so what? They will denounce what they can’t comprehend.

Complain less. Appreciate more.

Have fun with your friends and no, via social media doesn’t cut it.

Cooking is actually cool, and so are fruits and veggies. Refine your taste buds. Try everything at least once, except for snake. That’s just gross. And maybe Fois Gras because the process is terrible.

Clean up after yourself. Clean up yourself.

Confidence is mad sexy.

You don’t always need to have an opinion.

Don’t oppress the poor because you are opulent. Don’t suppress a woman because you are insecure. Because it is by God that you are rich and it is not by your abilities that you were born with XY chromosomes.

Be playful.

Give a person a compliment if they deserve it. You might make their day.

Stop freaking out about getting older unless you prefer to die.

Everything should be done in moderation.

Buy a pet. Respect peoples decisions, space, & time & demand their respect in return.

Control your anger! In low tones, you are less intimidating.

Apologize when you lose your temper, but not for what you believe in.

Refrain from being impressionable but always strive to impress yourself.

Never be pressured by anyone to do anything you don’t want to. Pressure is an act of weakness on their part. Being able to say no is a sign of strength on yours.

Get drunk. But hydrate.

Listen to all kinds of art; music, spoken word, poetry. Listen high.

Collect something. Give up something.

Cigarettes are nasty.

Gather memories and keep them safe.

Be with the person of your dreams. It might happen when you’re fifty, so don’t be in a hurry. Never settle. Be free.

Love, LP.