Finding Focus

In times like these, can we please find focus? There are real things going on in the world, the elephants in the room that can’t be ignored any longer.

All this Trump/Obama/Clinton/Whatever bullshit is a simply a mirage to distract you from what is really going on in the world, funded by American tax dollars, and most likely unwanted by the majority of Americas working class (who are funding it).

Do not empower such media! Ignore it, for it only empowers the system we so desperately want to reform, but continue to feed.

We the people empower this behemoth, we the people choose to give it energy.

Consider where you make your purchases, where that money you work so hard to earn might unknowingly power.

Consider where you save your money, whose salary are you paying with this?

Consider the actions you take that affect your environment.

Consider all that you do.