Learn Customer Journey Mapping… in 7 Bookmarks

Mark Visser
2 min readJul 6, 2017

Are you new to the concept of customer journey mapping? Are you trying to figure out what it’s for and why it might be valuable? You are in luck. We have all been there and had those questions. The guide below will help you get there faster. All you need to do is read (and bookmark) 7 articles…

Start with the basics:

In order to begin down the journey mapping path (pun intended), it’s important to get an overview of the nuts and bolts of the process including sources of information, what to do with that information, and what the outputs are. Think of this as journey mapping 101. Which leads me to the first bookmark:

Bookmark #1: All You Need to Know About Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey Map, Ultra-Simplified

Now understand the “why”:

Even more important than understanding the what is the why behind journey mapping. For most organizations, there is a problem you are trying to solve. For instance, is your company experiencing a downturn in revenue? Are you losing customers? More specifically, are you losing customers at a certain point in the sales process? Happily, journey mapping is a tool that can help identify causes for the issues at hand and ultimately unlock sources of ROI:

Bookmark #2: Top 5 Sources of ROI in Customer Journey Maps

Bookmark #3: Understanding the ROI of Customer Journey Mapping

Bookmark #4: The Eye-Popping ROI of Customer Journey Mapping

Get it right the first time by using tips from the experts:

You are not the first person to perform journey mapping, so why not take some advice? Get some tips from the experts:

Bookmark #5: Journey Maps, Not the End of the Story

And finally, challenge yourself:

Feeling adventurous? Now that you have the basics down and can see the value that journey mapping can unlock, challenge your newfound understanding and assumptions to see what is right for your organization.

Bookmark #6: Time to Burn the Customer Journey Map: Channels Don’t Matter Anymore

Bookmark #7: Right-Channeling: The Real Reason to Do Customer Journey Mapping

Bringing it home:

The 7 articles above are just a starting point, but a good one. Journey mapping is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, but by simply taking a step back and looking at your customers’ experiences using a structured qualitative and quantitative approach, you are sure to unlock value for both your organization and your customer.

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