Mentor: Guides to make us successful

Mentor is an experienced person who advises and encourages you to achieve your goals and objectives. In fact, the best source of getting free advice and a key to success is to “have a mentor”. The one thing common in all successful people is; they all have mentors as “Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs”, “Benji Williams has Jacqueline Novogratz” and many others. At start, nobody is perfect so we all had mentors who guides us and reduces our failures and speeds up success.

For me My Parents are mentors. I have learned a lot from them. They had played a vital role in teaching me values, building character and guided me how to differentiate between right and wrong. They are my biggest support; they always give me constructive feedback and always motivated me especially me mother. In 9th class I was not satisfied with my grades even my father was also disappointed but my mother motivated me and encouraged me to work hard to improve them in 10th class. And when I secured first position in my school my mother was happier than me. What I’m today is just because of my parents.

But for professional life “Ma’am Zara” is my mentor. In four years of university life I always feared to talk with strangers and didn’t have confidence to even ask questions from teachers. I always use to be in my comfort zone. But at the second day at Amal Fellowship she had an informal chat with me and encouraged me to participate in class discussions. She also said if you take into account others comments you may be discouraged so, forget what people think about you just focus on your draft.

What I learnt from her is a big achievement for me either in the form of building confidence, reducing my fear or exploring my strengths and weaknesses etc. Now I consider my class as a family and can talk confidently with everyone previously which was very difficult for me.

Before joining Amal Academy, I was not clear about my goals and objective but now I’m petty much clear about them. I improved my communication skills and also learned some tips, (humility, passion, and commitment) for being successful.

So, for becoming successful we need to learn from others. Like we should get advice from others, be humble with them, learn from their mistakes to avoid failure and speed up our success.