Realizing Passion for Welfare

Everybody has the passion for the welfare and this is something which gives satisfaction. So often we think and even plan to help someone but have never implemented it. We always wait for a “kick” to start like waiting for someone to force us to do something. But this time Amal Academy becomes a driving force and induced us to transform our thoughts into actions. And to take some little but in fact big steps.

Therefore, we made a team of five members (Fazila,Turab, Ummara, Azwa and Zeeshan) and decided to help the community by raising funds and donate them to any welfare organization. We all were very excited to help the needy with our little efforts (may be which matters a lot for them).

For donating funds, a lot of options came in mind and even we searched above 50 institutions but it was very difficult for us to decide one, as every organization is doing its best to help the society. While doing research we came to know that:

•Pakistan has one of the highest rates of children with congenital heart disease

•Each year, close to 50,000 children are born with heart defects.

•Pakistan a country of 200 Million people has only 8 pediatric heart surgeons and 21 pediatric cardiologists.Thus, we decided “Pakistan Children Heart Foundation” for this cause.

PCHF is a child heart foundation and aims at giving a birth right of every child to get cure. PCHF is going through its startup phase and is facing shortage of equipment; even they are in need of a single brick. We are planning to contribute approximately 20–25 thousand rupees in 2–3 weeks. Accordingly, our little contribution will matter a lot for them and this is the main reason behind selecting it.

So, we decided to start a “fund raising campaign” at different universities as well as at public places. So,

· First of all, we will decide a group leader.

· Take an authority letter from Amal Academy.

· Make a Facebook page for creating awareness among public about PCHF and this campaign.

· Print our brochures which includes information about PCHF and about our project.

· And then will start raising funds.

Our team consists of five members (Azwa, Ummara, Fazila, Turab and Zeeshan). Overall we are working in a team and every member will work on all the tasks and will support the other team members. But for managing the project we are dividing some of the responsibilities like;

· Writing blogs

· Designing brochures

· Posting and updating Facebook page

· Visits to PCHF

We all our fastidious and curious to start this project. So, we hope that our step will contribute to the society and brings smile on the face of small children and IN SHAA ALLAH we will achieve our goals with the blessings of ALLAH Almighty.