GSoC 2017: Community Bonding Period

“But sire, what is this mysterious Community Bonding period?”, you might ask. Well, you’ve come to just the right place!

The Community Bonding Period

The Community Bonding period typically includes stuff like actively engaging in the organization’s IRC, discussing with their mentors about improving their proposals, and so on. In a nutshell, this period is intended to get students ready to start contributing to their organizations full time in June.

Note that most of the organizations have now moved to newer chat platforms like Slack or RocketChat (LibreHealth is on RocketChat), but some still prefer the old school IRC chat.

My Experience

The first couple of days were spent coming back down to earth after getting high on all those wishes (hehe). During this time, I introduced myself to my fellow GSoC peers and interacted with them. I also set up the very blog that I’m typing in right now. I went through the documentation of FullCalendar, created an issue pertaining to my project, and worked on my project plan. I can’t wait to get started already! (>_<)