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This was originally published on April 2, 2014 on Hatch, our internal version of Medium. Check out Hatching Inside Medium for more context.

Building blocks of a story

Inline content, layouts, and parts

When Medium first launched the story page it looked something like this:

On-time Departure

Cover photo by @dpup

I woke up, but not to a noise blaring from my phone. The blurry screen read 7:19am. The plane was expected to take off at 9, with or…

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Image zoom on Medium

We set out to create the best image zoom experience on the web.

Image zoom

Medium is about reading great content, and images dramatically…

Nobody likes to be associated with failure. It is a hard thing to deal with and learn from. One can take comfort knowing that anyone who has succeeded has failed many times to get there. As young entrepreneurs, we looked at the wall of obstacles before us and pushed forward, confident that we could succeed in this game where the willingness to work your ass off was, arguably, the most important. Well, we were almost