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1. Background

B-Money guarantees right of refund to any of its buyers, in the following terms;

• This refund policy covers only the transactions for the B-Money purchasing. (Buying or direct bnb transactions)

• This Refund Policy does not cover any B-Money transactions between the Users and/or dexes.

• This…

Investors can buy tokens within the sale period and until the total sold tokens reached the hard cap quantity.

The contract gives two ways to users to buy b-money tokens:

  1. Sending BNB directly to the contract; (fallback function),

2. Using the buy function

1.Sending BNB. directly to the…

Behind the power of today’s cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, there are many scientific and social steps taken by great people. B-money DAO aims to inform and create a social memory by bringing up key people and events in the history of blockchain. …


B-MONEY is the first commemorative cryptocurrency and also a DAO to mint the next commemorative coins.

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