Children trying to learn to code
Children trying to learn to code

During a free session on computational thinking offered by Kurious EduTech I interacted with a third grade student along with his parent and what he said took me by surprise.

“My friends have joined online coding classes and I also want to learn. Tell me how to do coding?”

Then I gave him the 9 dot puzzle to solve. The goal of the puzzle is to link all 9 dots using straight lines, without lifting the pen and without tracing the same line more than once.

Join the 9 dots using straight lines
Join the 9 dots using straight lines

He connected the dots using five lines.

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Then I asked him to try joining the dots using four straight lines. He was not able to do it. So I decided on giving a hint. I said, let’s divide the problem into smaller problems. …

Computational Thinking is a thought process that helps in formulating a problem and expressing its solutions such that a human or a computer can effectively carry it out. It is applicable not only to computer science but to all domains. Consider the below scenario in a maths class:

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Computational thinking can be used in all walks of life and helps you face any challenges.

Teacher: Find the sum of the numbers from 1 to 1000

Student 1: Approaches the problem without Computational Thinking

1+2 = 3

3+3 = 6

6+4 = 10

10+5 = 15

Even when performed using a calculator, it would take a considerable amount of time and effort to obtain the solution.

Student 2: Approaches the problem with Computational Thinking

1.Decompose the problem into known smaller problems — Problem Decomposition

1000+1 =1001

999+2 = 1001

2.Identifying a pattern/trend in the problem — Pattern Recognition.

Kurious EduTech is a startup which focuses on bringing computational thinking to school children.

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Different components of computational Thinking

1. Why most of the children are unable to code a new problem?

199 out of 200 job applicants for every programming job cannot code at all. Isn’t that surprising? In India we see that almost every student is taught programming languages, advanced courses like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, mobile application designing from their childhood. They learn it in school or through different online courses. But when they are given a new problem to code most of them cannot. Have you ever wondered why?

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Most of the current programming courses are not equipping the students with the skill to deal code unseen/ new problems

2. Computational Thinking and Coding

Consider the following analogy. If you were to give an elocution on a specific topic, you first need ideas on the topic and only then you can articulate those using language skills. Programming and coding are analogous to language skills. Before you program you need to formulate the problem, analyse the constraints develop a strategy to obtain solution. …


Binathi Bingi

Founder and CEO, Kurious EduTech

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