Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Much as I truly value your journalism, I think you have missed the popular beat on this one. I was talking to Podemos activists recently who were hugely inspired by Corbyn and see him in the UK, like them, talking to a different constituency to that of the media-establishment.

I noticed your disconnect when you offered advice very early on on how to frame himself for the media onslaught to come; this wasn’t what he or his supporters were wanting; this mobilisation and conflict is hugely about a rejection of Blair/Campbell media-establishment spin and his attraction to 100s of thousands +, is precisely about authenticity in contrast to this.

So advice to get in there and ‘play the game’, overwhelmingly on their right wing terms that would censor any policy commitment to the left of Cooper (Burnham was definitely pushing it and Miliband was just a nightmare to be forgotten) came across as more of the same (and I’m afraid it did look like you pitching for a job).

I think the difference between the Corbynistas and you is that you seem to present mass mobilisations as a secondary adjunct to the parliamentary-media discourse, whereas the Corbynistas see mass mobilisation as primary. changing the parameters of the establishment discourse.