Photographer Chris Yangello

Benjamin Brown
Jul 28, 2018 · Unlisted

We are always on the lookout of upcoming and promising social media influencers and today we are introducing Chris Yangello and the numbers seem promising.

At the time of writing this article, Chris has already gathered 140151 followers on his Instagram profile @chrisyangello. The followers seem to be very active and the press is picking up on that. Over the past few weeks, numerous blogposts and online articles have shown up about this sudden rise in fame.

Promising growth

By looking at the SocialBlade statistics of @chrisyangello, we can tell that the current growth rate is very promising and we wouldn’t be surprised if the follow-count will double in the next couple of weeks. The feed style is just something totally different than we are used to and a lot of people seem to agree with us.

We’re super excited to see where Chris will take this. Hopefully Chris will maintain this style and keeps uploading on a consistent basis, something that is one of the key-factors of gaining more fans.

The content

When we take a look at Photographer Chris Yangello his Instagram feed we can see a lot of photography related content, this isn’t surprising given that’s what he’s known for. He travels the world and makes content for a living, he’s doing what he loves while managing a career as a social media influencer and social media marketer for multiple companies. He’s also an influencer for over a dozen companies. His feed is special because it’s real, he’s a young but authentic individual and has learned the value of hard work and what it means to be dedicated to his work.


We have done some research and it seems like there are already some impersonation accounts, people that are trying to piggy-back on Chris success. We hope that Instagram will take action soon by verifying @chrisyangello.


Make sure to check out @chrisyangello on Instagram and follow the page. It seems very promising and we think that Chris may very well become the next A-list influencer within Chris market.


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