Lost Ones

I have recently been inspired to try to express myself more. The Irishness in me may be to blame for the more than occasional lack of communication and holding of certain thoughts, opinions, or ideas on the inside. One way for me to do so is to start creating videos that showcase my music. I’ve been writing music since the 2nd grade. Around junior year in high school I finally started to share it with some friends but hid it from most everybody. It took me until I was around 26 years old to finally start recording the music I had been writing. Even though I have now been making music for about two years I still continued to hide behind the music never putting a face or any visuals along with it. It is time for that to change.

I hope to start filming a music video for just about every song I create. I have a couple that are currently in production but making high quality music videos on a small budget and by yourself is very time consuming. So in the meantime I decided to develop a little simpler, easier outlet for my music with a video concept titled “Lost Ones”. The concept is that I have a bunch of unreleased verses/song ideas/remix’s that never fully developed into a complete song (Lost Ones) and I may never get the chance to get in the studio to record them properly. That doesn’t mean they have to stay in my brain or on my phone forever. I can share them with you this way by creating short simplistic recordings of them and put them all over social media. I’m going to try to keep them as brief and too the point as possible to coincide with many peoples attention spans and also so that the music portion is short enough to be uploaded in its entirety to the various social media platforms like instagram video, and snapchat. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoy finally getting them out. So here it is the very first episode…

Lost Ones: Ep. 1 Rock up on the Mic

instagram: @_b.mac__

twitter: @__bmac_

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