Making the whole research map available: our prototype

Here’s a visual story of the journey we are taking to bring multimedia and interactivity into the production and communication of a qualitative research project in public policy.

Our journey is being presented as a poster at the FORCE2015 Conference, one of the coolest academic events in terms of Scholarly Communication. It’s happening between 11–13 January, in Oxford.

We invite you to take a look at this map, which is the first prototype of a wider venture, OndaPolitica, aiming to bridge gaps between researchers and practitioners in policy.

This work has been done by Caio Werneck, Javier Guillot and myself, with the amazing illustrations by Bárbara Marra. As a first version of an ongoing research, we really appreciate your feedback and we’re looking forward to collaborations to improve the communication of the research results later on.

Here is the navigable version with the Poster:

And here is the downloadable version of the Poster.

Image for post
Image for post

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