The life you wish to live — Heavenly community of Prague!

Recently I got an opportunity to travel to Prague, capital and largest city of the Czech Republic — Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,”. I had booked a hotel through AirBnB, which was located right next to an abandoned industrial area touching a small river. As I reached my hotel, I dropped my bags & went right away to the river bank. It was amazing with couples fishing & many groups of people having fun around the campfire.

As I started walking along the bank, I saw a small place protected with a thin fence. All branded cars were parked outside. I peeped inside & I could see some men building the campfire, ladies busy with their chit chats, some kids dressed as witches, some playing with their bicycles, one family was preparing the Barbeque, pet dogs were running around, 2 of them were digging the ground to plant some vegetables! Looked strange!! The place even had a caravan kind of shop which looked more like an old wine shop, with table & chairs in front of it. On gauging, it looked like a disciplined rave party with 20+ people inside.

I got curious & I somehow wanted to get inside. I stood there & started gawking at each & everyone inside in the hope that they call me inside ;) After almost 20 minutes of staring, finally a rogue looking 5.8ft tall guy called me. I gathered all my 2 yrs of gym workout as a courage & started walking towards him with hands wide open like Salman Khan. He asked me something in “Czech”, for which I replied in English & he shook my hand & called me inside!! Strange thing is that I didn’t know Czech & he didn’t know English! He took me near the caravan & introduced to someone who knew English. I asked him “Is this place open for public?”, “Yes! it is” he replied!. He later offered me a free drink & we started getting to know each other. After one peg down, he started explaining me about the community & I thought of the most accurate definition for the community — “Back to the basics”

Urban Gardening — (Community)

Its an open community, where people visit the place right after completing their every day job. They put their mobiles, laptops away & socialize with the people(in person!!). Whenever a new person joins the community, he/she gets a small site where they can grow vegetables. They cook food, put up campfire & Barbeque, dance, play with their kids & dogs, talk to the people, celebrate every small events(The day I visited was a witch burn day, the day to welcome the summer -that explains the kids’ dresses). The right placement of speakers with a low tone jazz music playing in the background made the place even more mesmerising. Also the caravan shop filled with decade old alcohol bottles made the breezy evening, the evening to remember! & the best part was marijuana is legal in Prague, where you can legally carry 5grams of marijuana for your use & many of them were stoned! Even the “Rogue looking 5.8ft tall guy”. No wonder he understood English!

To sum it all up, its a heavenly place where people are actually living their life by going back to the basics rather than absorbing themselves in the era of Internet! Wish someday I can replicate such kind of community in India too!