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We also had that unquantifiable magic that sometimes happens between people. You know what I mean, the kind of thing that can’t be created or anticipated, or even described — it just palpably is, and is transformative. For 15 years I basically had the same guy sitting ten feet across from me. He was young, smart and focused. I liked him. He was good at (and interested in) things that I wasn’t — and in return, I was a similar complement to him. We were self-aware. We knew our strengths and played to them. We knew of shortcomings in the other and compensated for them in a caring way. It was the best kind of collaboration, because we trusted each other enough to challenge the occasional opinion or desire. It worked because we tried to do it a way that allowed both parties to understand and often appreciate the other’s point-of-view. We strived to do it in an informative way, avoiding combative or hurtful comments or nasty intonations. In other words, the person who was questioning a decision was open to the fact that the other might be right, but that they wanted to double check, just to be sure. It came from a place of deep respect, and not tinged with resentment for one person or the other “being right”. Not many “I told you so” dances happened at Teehan+Lax. I really miss having that close relationship that only business partners that were founders can understand. You both have keys to the black box and a lot of lives rest on you making the right decisions. A good partner helps you grow and make better decisions. I had a great partner.