Getting The Most Out Of Your Corporate Video Production Investment

When one thinks of working with a video production company, oversized budgets and overpriced rates immediately come to mind. Companies that specialise in this service though only have one goal in mind: to give their clients an end product that meets their expectation and to produce results. As such, if you choose the right corporate video production company, you can be sure that all your investments are worthwhile.

Aside from practising due diligence in choosing your production partner, you can also get more out of your investment in your corporate videos by following the tips and hints below:

Ensure that branding is incorporated in the video. Once you have chosen your video production company, make sure the team fully understands your brand, brand’s message, how new viewers can contact your brand, etc. These are key elements that should be in all of your videos so that when someone views your videos, they know who these videos belong to and they will be able to see a pattern of brand identity associated with your content.

Make sure the video is clear. During production, make sure all of the aspects and points you have outlined in your content strategy and goals will be addressed and covered in the video. It is also essential to ensure that you have clearly identified your goal for this video and the production team understands this completely. These are all important things to focus on during the initial phase of pre-production.

It should also be concise. The video should not say more than what is needed. Most experts say it is best to keep the edits under 8 seconds and the overall length of the video as short as possible. It should stay under 3 minutes with an optimal length between 90 seconds and 150 seconds.

It should convey the right emotional connection. In terms of video success and ROI, nothing can be more crucial than emotional connection. This connection enables your brand to reach out to your audience and connect with them in a manner that simple text doesn’t allow.

Make sure the content is engaging. Lastly, work with the production team to ensure that the content captures the attention of your target audience and they also convey meaning and add value to your brand, product or service. Keep in mind that highly engaging content has the capability to capture the viewer’s attention for a long duration of time. It is therefore important that you and the production company are on the same page when it comes to this crucial element of your new corporate video.

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