Who Counts as “Rich?”
Nicole Dieker

I mostly agree with the article.

There is something inherent in the American DNA to pretend that you are where you are because of ‘hard work’. In reality, most upper-middle class people had tremendous advantages and are completely blind to them. This doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard, it just means other people who also worked hard didn’t get as far. The upper middle class won mostly because of being born into it.

I don’t has a serious problem with them networking or saving for fancy schools. I have a problem with this ridiculous “ being born on third base and acting like you hit a triple” attitude. If people learned to admit they were privileged, then maybe the country could try and fix the problems, like income inequality and school zoning problems. But right now, wealthy people have managed to convince everyone else that they just need to work harder, and bootstrap more, which I think is a big excuse against fixing systematic inequality.