Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I spent so much f’ing money this weekend.

On Friday we went to Tupelo, because we had not been out to dinner in a while and I had a bad week. $79.41

On Saturday we went to a friends pool, and got beer ($12) and Ice cream after ($12)

Sunday, we went to an adoption event to try and get a dog, and the ones we liked were already gone. It has been so difficult to find a rescue that will let us adopt. I have gotten rejected for not having a yard, not being married (WTF), and for having a job and not being home all day. We went to dunkin ($12.37) then chipotle ($17.55) and then got groceries for the week after ($60.48)

=$193.81 for 2, which isn’t terrible, just more than I have spent in a while