This Simple Hack Will Tell You if Your Employee Is About to Quit
Larry Kim

I don’t get this article.

Why stalking your employees to try to figure out if they might leave the company if you don’t do anything about it? I’m not interested in knowing anything if I cannot do anything about it. It’s a waste of time and memory in my brain.

I would actually do a few things if I would guess that one of my employee is leaving:

  • Talk to him and try to understand why he is not happy. He probably won’t stay but you we learn things that can apply to other or future employees
  • I will eventually start to look for someone qualified to replace him
  • I will make sure that someone can take over his job: proper documentation, tests, whatever else could help someone else to understand what and how he was doing his job.

One last thing. I receive 2 to 3 recruiters request a day. I accept a few only but when it comes with a nice email, I do reply and accept the connection because it might be useful, one day. It doesn’t mean I’m about to quit.

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