“swang tame”

If you can say the title and know what I’m saying, then you’re probably from the South. This past weekend, I auditioned to be part of my local swing dance team, where if I joined, I would travel and compete in many other parts of the nation. The current team is comprised of individuals I certainly look up to. They all take swing dancing very seriously and commit most of their time to learning and teaching the craft.

This wasn’t the first time I had auditioned for a dance team, but this was the first time I auditioned for a swing dance team. I think the biggest difference is that, I can go on and on with the style of music that is played for swing dancing. It did get tiring, but only because we had to dance for practically 2 hours straight, not because I got tired of the dance itself. My heart was very happy inside and with swing, I can dance so freely regardless of knowing that I’m being judged for what I’m doing. I kind of wish I could dance that freely with all the other types of dancing I participate in.

Overall, I think the process was well organized and the judges did very well in not showing any bias or favoritism. Unfortunately one of the songs we danced to kept skipping, but hey — that can certainly happen in real life right in the middle of a competition. One should always be prepared for anything.

I said the title that way because I saw my friend on Saturday and she invited her other friend to whom I was explaining the audition. And as I had to leave for the night, she said “do your thang with the swang tame!”. Thought it was extremely cute and funny. xD

They are going to release the results tomorrow, eep! Although I hope to make the team, I still greatly appreciate the experience of the audition process, and maybe I will re-audition next year. Thanks for reading my little post. Ciao for now!

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