Trump’s Victory Shocked the Kremlin, Too
War Is Boring

The smartest thing to do would be to grant Russia a formal invitation to NATO, then to change NATO’s focus to combating terror and international security issues such as piracy, drug enterprise, and human trafficking.

This would probably upset Europe but it is the right step to make for a unified future. Eventually I would love to see us get China involved in NATO as well. The idea goal would be to work towards a unified world security force, we could look at it as a three tiered approach with the worlds major economic and Military powers plating their roles and parts by maintaining international and regional security and well being.

As time went on we could have integrated patrols, and integrated staffed ships and units to ensure inter-operability. The United States needs to share the load not take it all and believe that we are the only ones that can do it. Of course within this system their is room for abuse by these powers, but anything that has a great possibility for good has the same possibility for evil and destruction.