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Fair Rock was rotting to the ground. The houses that were still standing had yellowed or grayed. The rest had collapsed in the way abandoned buildings rapidly do as if they know there is no one left to stand for. Empty lots sprawled where houses had once stood, and neighbors often could not remember the cleared-away homes. The developers had bulldozed them out of memory.

Fair Rock was a suburb built to justify a highway, the same highway that people later used to move away. Like the cascading effect of a spooked herd, one move led to another, which escalated…

An interview with one of the earliest and most popular vegan YouTube icons

All photos courtesy of Brian Manowitz

Veganism has enjoyed a rise in popularity over the past few years. The number of YouTube channels devoted to vegan cooking, fashion, and culture has steadily grown, and more plant-based options are available in many consumer markets. One of the earliest and most popular vegan YouTube icons is Brian Manowitz, better known by his alter ego: The Vegan Black Metal Chef.

Manowitz’s YouTube celebrity has helped dish up a large amount of success for his most recent project, The Seitanic Spellbook: Recipes and Rantings of the Vegan Black Metal Chef, which is now in its second printing. In my interview…

What‘s B-12? What does it do? Where can you get it? Three questions that are so much more useful than ‘Where do you get your protein?’

Photo: Ella Olsson/Unsplash

Vitamin B-12 is an important nutrient that you may lack if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. Fortunately, a lot of food products come fortified with B-12, so it’s getting easier to supplement. But what is B-12? What are the risks of not getting enough? Are all supplements equal?

The dirt on vitamin B-12

B-12 is an essential vitamin, which means that you need it to survive, but your body does not make it in sufficient quantities on its own. So you need to get it from an external source.

B-12 facilitates red blood cell production, helps maintain the central nervous system, and even helps make…

B.A. Durham

I write about cults and veganism (unrelated). Writer for Tenderly, DIY-Robotics, and Genetics Illustrated.

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