How to fail launching a product on Product Hunt

After failing to launch my product on Product Hunt i tried to recap what went wrong. I definitely didn't go in clueless into my launch, but in retrospect i could have done a much better job preparing for the event.
They say to learn from your failures is key, so here are some of my lessons based on my personal experience.

- Think that product is everything
PH (Product Hunt) community is a savvy bunch. It definitely appreciates a clean design, smooth and bug-free experience. However all that means very little if you are not on the featured page. To get there — Networking is everything.

- Rely on your product’s community
It is definitely an advantage to have a community for your product where you can tell(ask) that your product was just launched on Product Hunt, go check it out. However most of them are probably not PH members.
An upvote from a new user worth less than an upvote from a PH member, let alone a seasoned one.

- Rely on the general Product Hunt community
PH members rarely visit the “upcoming” page simply due to it’s massive amount of products.

- Rely on your community
Your personal twitter and Facebook friends and relatives will get you very little upvotes and those will do very little to move the needle.

- Think that you have time
You have a 24hour window to get to the featured page. That’s it. Any upvote you get after that will not get any impact. And no, there is no second chance for the same product later on.
- Publish your product yourself
Even if you manage to get an invitation, wait for a month or two, try out product, upvote, make collections, participate in discussions, build a small network of followers and launch your product; It is likely that you are lacking the credibility to get your product directly to the featured page. Plus, your network is not big enough to gain the traction needed to get your product there. Try to get one of the senior memberes to be interested in your product. Check out their recent published products read their tweets, see who can like your product and go from there.

- Build on Android
Generally, Android only apps received on PH with less enthusiasm than iOS products.

- Rush in
Get to know the infrastructure of the site, what other successfully launched products look like, how are they presented, what images works and what does’t. How to present the title and the description.

- Not getting to know enough PH community members
This is the bread and butter of a successful launch. Gaining upvotes from PH members, the more influential the better.
Get to know them, follow them on twitter, check what are they working on, see if you can influence or assist in any way and when the time comes, ask them to check out your product.

- Afternoon/night launch
The list of featured products refreshes every day, at midnight PST. Publishing in the morning gives you more time to get your product featured, for a longer time.

- Not presenting yourself and being absent from the discussion
This is more relevant to the phase when you successfully got to the Featured page. It is important to show presence, answer questions and provide info about the product or the team.

I hope this gives you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and have a much better launch.