Your rights when traveling

Airlines, automobile rental companies and credit card issuers all spend small fortunes attempting to let travelers know about all the deals and benefits available to them. But the information is overwhelming and it comes in scores of brochures, with credit card bills, on the back of airline tickets, in fine print on car rental agreements, with coupons in grocery stores, tucked in marketing pitches, and on Internet Web sites.

The Travel Rights ebook takes that hard-to-read information from obscure places in travel documents and makes it easy to find, easy to read and easy to use. When travelers know their travel rights, they know what they can expect from the travel industry.

What are Travel Rights?

The more specific information travelers know about this system of airline assistance, as well as the complicated airline ticketing options and scores of special passenger services, the better they can take advantage of these options when traveling.

The better rental car customers understand pricing policies, collision damage waiver regulations, driver license checks and additional charges, the easier it becomes for counter personnel to explain special deals and for travelers to clearly compare prices and services.

It is all of these travel benefits, sometimes obscure company policies, and travel related federal laws that make up a travel consumer’s travel rights. In the following pages — clearly indexed and with a simple table of contents — you will learn about Travel Rights most travelers don’t even know they have.

The lack of public information

In Europe, American travelers are often surprised to see consumer rights detailed in classy posters, plastered on walls next to boarding gates and above luggage carousels. U.S. airlines and airports are still fighting requirements to post consumer rights clearly where they can be seen and read by travelers. Travelers United continues to press for that kind of disclosure, but in the meantime, this book fills the gap of knowledge.

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