Brynn Carman : The Ice Skater

By Brooke Duggan

Brynn Carman was not your average little girl. The word ‘average’ was not even in her vocabulary.

She became interested in ice skating because her mother grew up watching it and continued to after Brynn was born. She loved seeing the skaters twirl and knew she wanted to try it. Brynn began lessons at the age of four in a six week learn-to-skate program. She hated it after the first day because she was the worst in her group and could not do anything, came home after practice and told her parents she wanted to quit. Her parents told her she had to finish the program, but then she could move on to any other sport. By the end of the six weeks, she fell in love with ice skating.

She knew she wanted to compete at the age of six, when coaches started to approach her and her mother. By the age of 10 her skating career began taking off and she was fully competiting at an intense level.