Brandon J. Neilan
May 19, 2015 · 2 min read

I watched War Passenger today.

You should buy it and watch it sooner, rather than later too.

There isn't enough time or space to spit out how ever-lasting this documentary piece is.

For me it, was a fresh reminder of why I want to do this, no matter the cost — to leave the comfortable desk job of monotonous being. The fray of the world lays before our hands, but we’re too comfortable in the fact that The Kardashians and Jersey Shores will be familiarized from our couches, lest our eyes view upon what we think is America and pop culture to begin with.

I in no way watch those shows, by the way.

I don’t generally write responses, I’m not much of a writing critic when it comes to it, but this piece was so well done — words have to subtly fight for it — although words can never do what David Axe talks about or rather writes about.

Inevitably this may be one of the best documentaries on war correspondence to date. I was so rushed to purchase it on Vimeo and play via Google Chromecast that I actually bought and rented it — assuming I should be getting the rental money back for pressing the buy button too many times.

David —

I do hope that War is Boring continues. I haven't seen someone so dedicated to telling not just of war, but of global conflict in general.

In hopes we meet someday — maybe I'll leave my desk job full-time and go fleeting along the Middle East sometime in this age — if you're ever in the Cincinnati area, hit me up for a brew or coffee.

Brandon J. Neilan

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Day / Comms | Fellow in Alice’s dystopian wonderland | Prisoner in Henley’s Hotel California. Words fluttered on Vegas TV, prepubertal. Member @MilWritersGuild.

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