Other side of the celebrating Diwali

Diwali…! , earlier there used to be some spiritual value attached to this festival but now it seems like it’s just a social custom people follow. They pretend, they act happy and many just show off things which they actually can’t afford. People spend a lot of money on food (specially sweets), clothes and other fancy items which they actually don’t need, oh!! and how can we forget firecrackers!! Every single common man in India has to work day and night just to meet the need of this so called festival, so that they can perform the “social custom”. I really don’t see any happiness in this, it’s actually more of a show off rather than a celebration.This is not a real celebration.

In our country where almost 300 million people don’t even have the basic needs such as electricity and food, we spend thousands on the things we don’t really need, just to “perform” that custom.

And don’t even get me started on the fire crackers, that is the dumbest thing Indians do …burning firecrackers …I mean how can one be so stupid to ignore the side effects of these innocent looking monstrous things…noise pollution, air pollution , dry waste and what not, it would be rather beneficial for your kid to smoke a cigarette than letting them burn crackers. At least that won’t harm other people.

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