The Two Simple & Powerful Words Driving my 2018.

Every New Years I hear of people choosing their word for the year. I’m generally not a gimmick guy — doing things because other people are doing them. But for whatever reason, especially on this New Years morning as I write these words I cannot get away from a phrase that has been following me these last few months.

So, I chose a word for this year. And it’s not one word but two. I told you I didn’t like to be like other people. :) I choose two because to me these words co-exist together. They can be used separately, of course, but for me, they denote a stop and pause, and then an action. And, if you know anything about me, you know I’m a big fan of movement. I need something to get behind to make it worthwhile. And the more I thought about these two words together, the more I coupled them in my heart to do what only those two words could do, it brought me to a place of great peace.

So, without further ado, here are my words for 2018.

Surrender & Trust

Surrender & Trust leave my heart in a place of longing…aching really, knowing greater things are to come.

Surrender & Trust leave my position right where it belongs…under Christ.

Surrender & Trust leave my mind to dream bigger than I ever have because I am not the One in control of those dreams.

Surrender & Trust put my anxious and driven body at peace because I know the One who has gone before me to do work that I cannot do.

In a world where men are looking to find their footing on their own and their place in this world, carving their way by their strength and means, surrender and trust drive me to my knees.

Surrender and Trust leave me in the arms of my Savior, where, contrary to popular belief and culture is the absolute best place to live, be, operate and change the world. It is. I’m still learning it, but by golly it is.

So, there you have it.

Surrender & Trust

At the risk of sounding gimmicky, what words, pictures or sounds is your heart turning towards this new year?

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