(9/22) What is Code?

What IS code? Well, I now know that code is computer instructions written in a programming language. If you ask me what else I got from that article, it’s that code is a REALLY complicated thing that is created by individuals that are far more intelligent and capable than I’ll ever be. If “????” could be an emotion, then I would totally use it to describe my experience reading this article.

However, curiosity and intrigue replaced my confusion as Ford began to delve into the culture of code and how it is omnipresent in society. From toilets to the very existence of Microsoft and other gargantuan companies, code, something so small, yet so incredibly powerful by itself is the foundation of these entities.

I greatly appreciated Ford’s ability to connect to me as the reader. Although I’m an individual with absolutely no coding experience, I enjoyed the interactive activities and informative, yet humorous tone that he adopted. It made my attempt to understand the concepts a whole lot easier.

Some looming questions of mine — what is the future of code and its implications? How much does this field demand of programmers if coding continues at this rate? Is coding infinite (will programmers be able to continue innovating?)