Week 3

Many new mothers have a little information about the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. This lack of knowledge, let the mothers decide to quit breastfeeding and give their baby formula instead. Immediately after birth, nurses and lactation specialist encourage mom to breastfeed. They start to teach the mother the benefits and the strategies to breastfeed. However, at that time the mother is tired, so her ability to understand and cooperate is not that much. She will try while she is at the hospital with the help given to her, but after she goes home alone, she might quit. Personally, as a new mom, I know how it is difficult to continue breastfeeding after discharging from the hospital. Without a help, I would never continue breastfeeding my baby. I was post-CS and tired, and my baby did not know how to suck which derived me crazy at the first few days. No one followed up with me about how the breastfeeding is going and encourage me except my husband. At the first appointment for my baby, the pediatrician told me that my baby lost weight more that he should and I have to introduce formula. you can imagine how desperate I was. I spoke to 2 of my friends who had babies at the same time. the first one had her mother with her, she helped her a lot and she continued breastfeeding. The second was alone and had a terrible experience with breastfeeding while she was at the hospital. She had a postpartum complication. At the hospital, the nurses did not understand how tired she was and kept insisting on breastfeeding, which made her did not want to do it. she quit breastfeeding immediately when she went home. According to her, it is easier and more convenient to give formula. Both of them no one followed up with them later. I believe there are many women like my friends who did not have enough knowledge about breastfeeding and no one followed up with them so they quit breastfeeding. They could be with low economic status so they cannot offer privet lactation specialist or students like my friends or working women who are busy and found the formula is easier. Or even had a postpartum complication or CS which made them tired and not willing to learn at hospitalization time. All of them with the lack of follow-up care they would quit breastfeeding.

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