Week 4 reflection/After class

Our question is HMW improve follow-up lactation education and promotion for new mothers? Our focus on Postpartum urban and college educated women who are interested in exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months minimum (As recommended by WHO). Our ideas were focused on our user needs, and concerns.

Consumer needs:

1. Places to breastfeed.

2. knowledge/education about breastfeeding strategies and benefits.

3. social support.

Consumer concerns:

1. Pain (sore nipples)

2. Sex life

3. Work balance

4. Healthy baby

5. Body image

6. Social life.

We brainstormed based on our personas.

We had 7 ideas for our project:

1. Create an app for tele-health consults

2. Mobile lactation truck

3. One-on-one consultation

4. Hotline

5. La Leche League International

6. Mother to mother online forums, social networks

7. Breastfeeding Café

We found that some of our ideas have happened already like the hotline, breastfeeding café, and mobile lactation truck. We started thinking about the ability and impacts of each idea in NYC. We shared our ideas with the class and they added many other ideas like:

1. Accessible lactation rooms in public

2. Volunteers to visit/evaluate mothers at home

3. Discharge phone calls

4. Social media — baby photos and lactation consultants

5. Lobbying for right to breastfeed in public

a. Educating business/public officials

6. Directory for moms for breast feeding friendly locations

7. Breast feeding pods

8. Incentives for breastfeeding moms i.e. clothes, reimbursements

9. Mentor program

10.Mom café “breastfeeding happy hour”

11.Online support group

12.Rewards program i.e. babysitting services, dinner, etc.

13.Better lactation with i.e. music therapy, gliding chairs, etc.

We really liked the breastfeeding pods, Mom café “breastfeeding happy hour” and accessible lactation rooms in public. We felt these ideas are applicable and suit our project goal. However, we did not want to select our final idea until we examine each of them and choose the best one for our project.

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