Why Videos Depicting Police Brutality Encourage Our Mental Immunity
Ezinne Ukoha

I can’t watch those videos anymore. I grew up in a place where nearly anyone of those men could have been someone I am close to and I feel a bubbling rage whenever I see what happens. To be honest though I feel that way when watching any videos about police injustice regardless of race. I was never a fan of the show cops because of this.

Because of my skin I was able to escape that place and the police that would follow us and harass us but many of my friends did not or cannot.

I don’t want to close my eyes but I don’t what I can do aside from marching in the streets and trying to push the reality on those that refuse to see the truth. I do vote but sometimes I feel like a lonely blue in a sea of red.

Indeed, we do not want to become desensitized but also we cannot forget and must find some way to fight back.

I feel like I should take ownership of it even though I am no longer a target. I feel like we only move forward as a country when we all move forward together. When I see someone hurt be the police or taken advantage of by the police it feels personal to me.

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