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I’m almost 40 so I feel like I am situated directly between both the “old world” and “new world” when it comes to writing. As far as I can tell people have always stolen each others ideas. Back in my youth it was either in the form of gossip or “personal stories” that were actually retelling of someone else's story. The primary difference that I can see is the level of visibility. During this period of transition things are going to be rocky and a whole lot shit will have to be stirred before anything useful is made. I think though in the long run it will prove to create more unique forms of writing and expression. As you stated a young man’s career was basically ended because of stealing from another writing. As time moves forward adept writers will take greater steps to ensure their topics are sourced and unique because they will be called on it if they don’t. I think that out of the mass of ignorance and have digested sentences there will arise a new class of writers that people will come to trust because of how solid and researched their writing is.

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