Stop Playing Build-a-Man
Victoria Hanna

I see your perspective and it is very valid. I see it A LOT in real life. Trying to live like that ends up being disrespectful to both sexes. It says that men are not capable of being anything without a good women to mold him and it says that a woman’s primary job is to make her man into something useful.

This mentality frustrates me. I’m a single father of a girl and I can’t tell you how many comments and innuendos I have seen and felt that said I needed a woman in my life to raise my daughter correctly. And I get these condescending comments about how I decorate my house.

I know your intention was to wake up women to the disease that limits their potential and causes them to be drawn into abusive and dangerous relationships that will destroy their life. And I fully agree with that, I just sometimes I feel I need to express frustration because men are fully functioning adults as much as any woman. And this idea that a man needs a woman for things like raising kids, taking care of the house, cooking etc just really pisses me off.

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