Playing a Role
Amanda Roman

Interesting. I’ve always played a lot of women in online gaming. A pretty 50/50 mix between the sexes. I never thought about it as a way to express myself, I just sometimes enjoy playing female characters sometimes…well most of the time. I don’t necessarily create “sexy” chars either, they are of many body sizes and types.

I did have a personality test done awhile back that suggested I had a very androgynous personality but IRL I am very masculine. Perhaps it has been a way to express the feminine aspects of my personality in a safe environment. I don’t have any desire to be a woman but also I don’t feel free express “softer” aspects of my personality outside of the gaming community.

I don’t usually playing in groups online even in games that promote that activity so I can’t say that I got any special treatment for playing a female though. Admittedly, I generally stick RPG/Fantasy games though so maybe the communities are a bit different then say FPS communities.

Very interesting indeed.

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