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The irony being that the man who invented Wicca just wanted to get naked with young women. Gerald Gardner if you are interested. Before that there was no actual “witchcraft”. What he did was assemble a bunch of folk history and lore into a semi-cohesive system.

And there is nothing new about it. It just easier to see because of the internet but the reality is that 95% of so-called digital witches will return to Christianity or float off into agnostic hell within 5 years. Wicca and Satanism have gotten great boosts from children of strict Christian homes trying rebel against their parent but none if is lasting enough to matter.

Truth be told all belief in gods, monsters, magic and all other mythical things is slowly dying out. It is no surprise that those disillusioned with Christianity would give it a try but most will realize it basically the same except you can do it naked.

I started studying the occult when I was 14 and I am now almost 40. My daughter also has gotten into Wicca, tarot reading and even the Satanic bible but I’m confident that she will see through them eventually just as started to see through Christianity after attending church for a few years.

But I do agree that “witchcraft” has a very feminist bent which in and of itself is a good thing.

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