Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up
Nikki Black

This man is gutter trash and is obviously using this as an opportunity to get more notoriety.

Having said that though is there merit in ruining a person’s career over what amounts to rumors? I’m not saying that all women lie or even most do but the reality is that some do lie. And others will jump on the bandwagon for the attention.

This is the unfortunate reason that invasive rape kits were created because rape needed to be treated like any other crime, including providing solid evidence.

I’ve never been raped but I did grow up in a sexually abusive home. I grew up with a man that would beat us if he even thought we would turn against him. We tried to talk to the police but no one would believe us and they eventually labeled us as liars. When it finally did get investigated and he was found to have been abusive, they wouldn’t do anything because my sisters refused to testify. So, he got let free to do god knows what to other children.

Fast forward 20 years and I find myself on the end of being falsely accused for abusing my daughter. It was later dropped when it was discovered she was trying to put me in jail so that she could go live with her boyfriend. She had been found when she was vulnerable by an older guy who had drew her into a co-dependent relationship so she wasn’t thinking straight.

There is no real way to protect the victims and still prosecute those that are guilty.

There is no way to protect people falsely accused of these kinds of crimes even if not guilty.

It’s a shitty fucked up situation with no easy answers.

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