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Well there seems to be a lot of people who disagree with you because I keep getting positive responses to my initial post. You do know a lot of buzz phrases though so I’ll give you credit for being hipster. I made it very clear that it was an offhand remark which is very different than a knee jerk response. It means that I really don’t care and not that I am suddenly against him. I wonder how long I can string you along and you will keep responding. That is my new question because you are starting to become more entertaining the more you respond. It’s like pushing a button and angry buzz phrases come flying across the screen.

For me to be desperately doing anything would first require me to care enough for it to matter. PS I’m sorry you don’t know how business works such as revenue is different than profit. How much was their profit smart guy? And even if they do make a profit what makes you think they will ever care about Indie musicians when nobody else ever has before because they don’t make them money? That is a question that anyone has yet to answer. Even if all Indie fans did this it wouldn’t even be a dent in a market controlled by teenage pop music fans.

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