Gentrification takes on a slightly different form but it exists in “the sticks”.
Jim Roye

You have a weird concept of what rural means. Most of those are no where near rural nor are they locations where rural poverty is really a thing. Let’s take a look at W. Virginia, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma. And I’m not talking about capital cities but places with less than 10k people. That is what rural means and that is where the rural poverty is at it’s worst.

“An urbanized area consists of a central surrounding areas whose population (“urban nucleus”) is greater than 50,000. They may or may not contain individual cities with 50,000 or more; rather, they must have a core with a population density generally exceeding 1,000 persons per square mile; and may contain adjoining territory with at least 500 persons per square mile (other towns outside of an urbanized area whose population exceeds 2,500).

  • Thus, rural areas comprise open country and settlements with fewer than 2,500 residents; areas designated as rural can have population densities as high as 999 per square mile or as low as 1 person per square mile.”
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