What comes next? 4 graphs and what they tell us about the future of BTC/USD


Have we bottomed out for the year? The above graph suggests, based on patterns from the 14/15 bear market, that the worst may have been… for now. Are we going to bounce, significantly, out of this trench? Well, according to this comparison, that bounce will be followed by a REAL crypto winter…

dave the wave

Keep calm, carry on, we’re still on track. Follow the trajectory/ line of best fit from BTC growth chart (est. 2011) and you will see this bearish moment is just a normal, necessary part of the growth cycle in this brand new asset class. Yes, we may see BTC at $3k before we see it back at $10k — and some of those fibonacci lines are worrying — but we’re still in the overall hyperwave. WE ARE THE EARLY ADOPTERS!!!

AND AGAIN… this one comes from BTC profit, @alistairmilne. “Nothing to see here, move along” is the sentiment.


And a quick reality check… Full time ‘slayer of Bulls’, (despite declaring himself a bitcoin maximalist) Murad Mahmudov is here to remind you where the support really lies. But no need to panic, the context should keep you optimistic.

So there it is, 4 of the most interesting graphs we found in relation to the current ‘capitulation’ in the price of BTC. Now it’s time to for you to decide what position you’re taking over Christmas…

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