Baap Pay
Baap Pay
Mar 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Meet the Men Behind the New Cryptocurrency Platform That’s Ideal for Business Owners

Sukhpreet Singh, Praveen Korukonda, and Jeremy DeBattista are the creators of BaapPay, a platform that solves a major problem most merchants have with crypto.

Mar. 01, 2018 — BaapPay is a multi-layered online platform that allows customers and business owners to process and convert cryptocurrency/fiat payments in seconds. For merchants, it’s this feature above all else that provides more security against the volatility of cryptocurrencies as a whole. Created by a team of tech and financial experts, the platform seeks to make cryptocurrency use a part of everyday life, and give businesses a greater incentive to consider mass adoption. We recently had a few moments with Founder and CEO Sukhpreet Singh.

How did the idea for BaapPay come about?

I’m a huge blockchain and crypto-enthusiast, cryptocurrency investor, and entrepreneur, and it was my fundamental understanding of current solutions that led me to realize the gap between what’s available and what business owners need in order to make incorporating both fiat and crypto in their day-to-day operations reasonable. BaapPay was created out that of that need.

What separates you from other cryptocurrency platforms.

I think one of the biggest differentiators is our team. CIO Praveen Korukonda and CTO Jeremy DeBattista are powerhouses in their respective fields and experts in the technologies we’re using and developing. But beyond that, we’re not just speaking about mass adoption — we’re giving our users the tools to make that possible. Instant payment processing goes hand in hand with smart terminals that make it possible for brick and mortar businesses to start accepting and converting crypto instantly. We’re also allowing developers to download our SDK and create their own apps. This isn’t a closed loop. BaapPay is all about the community and growth. You can look forward to great things in the coming months.

Persons can visit to download the whitepaper and participate in the BaapPay token sale that’s now underway and accepting cryptocurrency purchases.



Baap Pay

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Baap Pay

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