America Vs Nigeria

What we think of Americans and America thanks to TV

  1. Every guy in the US wears earrings.

Question: how do you confirm a Nigerian man was in the US? Answer: by looking at his ears. If he has earrings on, he was definitely in the US. >>>Thanks to Nollywood.

2. Americans (especially kids) are very disrespectful.

They call older people by their names. Usually, the best they’d do is add a Mr/Mrs to the person’s name.

It’s normal for an American kid to ask his parents to shut up. A very common scene is that one in which a kid disagrees with her dad, yells at him, storms out on him, enters her room, closes (not lock) the door, and refuses to come out. And what does dad do? Dad walks to the door, stands in front of it, and asks her to open the door. Remember this door was CLOSED not LOCKED. And then we (Nigerians) wonder, why can’t dad just open the door and get in? >>>Thanks to Hollywood.

3. Every American smokes.

It’s just Americanism. >>>Thanks to Hollywood.

4. Americans are short-tempered.

You as much as shout at them, you get a gun pulled on you. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to not get shot. >>>Thanks to Hollywood.

5. Cussing is an integral part of the culture.

The fucks, the damns, the c*nts (i wouldn’t even dare to write that one), the shits, the pu**ies, and all the other cuss words are just a very important part of life. >>>Thanks to Hollywood.

Those are some of the things the average Nigerian knows about America(ns). We’d like to know what y’all think about us. Just hit comment.

DISCLAIMER: While i may have believed some or all the points on the list at one point in my life, i know better now.