My Experience In Bootcamp So Far — Day 2

When the going gets tough,…

When I saw on Andela’s website the promise to make anyone a world class developer, I didn’t doubt Andela could, but I kept wondering how Andela achieves that. If you’re wondering too, wonder no more. Having been in the bootcamp, I can categorically say Andela can make anyone a world class software developer.

One thing you always see and hear around the Andela environment is the term EPIC. EPIC is an acronym for Excellence, Passion, Intergrity, and Collaboration. Trying to explain each of those would make another post, so I won’t go into that. But here’s what I’ll go into; each of those values are naturally forced out of everyone that goes through the recruitment phase, especially, bootcamp.

Challenges make us who we are.

Bootcamp is challenging. And as fellows would say, if you can’t survive bootcamp, you won’t stand a chance in the fellowship.

So far, I’ve picked a couple of reasons why Andela is able to do what she does. By far the biggest reason is that Andela compresses timeframes.

The Andela apply page says that one doesn’t need prior programming knowledge to apply. At a point during the home study phase of the recruitment process, I started to doubt this. However, getting to bootcamp removed any doubt about that. And that is Andela’s secret sauce; compressing timeframes, and learning a lot in a little time.

Before now, tests for pieces of code used to wow me. I thought it was something that only people with extraordinary experience and knowledge could do. But it took Phil Newman, the bootcamp facilitator, about 20 minutes to have me writing tests, changing keywords from should to expect to assert. I’ve learned more in the past few days than I learned on my own for a year.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll agree with me that the future is tech. You’ll also agree with me that tech is Andela. So, it’s safe to deduce that the future is Andela.

This is Andela!