Dear BaaSid participants,

BaaSid is a joint venture between HITACHI, Japan’s representative electric and electronic group, and HITACHI SUNWAY, a joint venture of SUNWAY, Malaysia’s largest construction, real estate, healthcare and education group, and various other certification projects such as accredited certificates, security login, OTP, data certification and integrated certification. We have completed the construction of BaaSid verification system and BaaS drive system, which is a decentralized data storage system, in HITACHI cloud for joint projects on business and data security.

BaaSid certification system and BaaS drive system will be expanded to various types of ASP business, security solution products through SI, and other applications. …


Dear BaaSid Participants,

On November 29&30, 2019, the FINTECH TAIPEI held at the Taiwan 101 Trade Center presented a significant place to showcase the new system prepared jointly by BaaSid and NEC Taiwan.

The system, prepared in collaboration, is a newly designed blockchain-based distributed data storage system for sensitive and important data, which will be used for large-capacity distributed system for enterprise. The infrastructure build-up for the testing environment has already been completed.

Through this, we expect to take a big step in expanding to various practical business fields.

NEC was established in 1899 with Japan’s Western Electric, the first company in Japan to be known as a symbol of Japanese technology such as semiconductors and supercomputers.

Thank you for being part of BaaSId.

All of the participant’s information is stored without original in an unspecified number of public networks and it proves ‘me’ when needed at any time. “BaaSid” sanctions and confirms all verifications based on the consent of an unspecified number of participants.This is based on participation by a number of blockchains, and values that are more creative and unique from one another give it more value.The logic where it would seem personal information or privacy should be respected and protected.Even within the blockchain service, the practice of saving personal information on a third party institution’s or provider’s server that persists is no different from the centralization of banks, financial institutions and certain groups that preceded the start of the blockchain. However, the blockchain still has no answer to that no offers any guarantees.“BaaSid’s” BaaS API enables providers to free themselves from the accountability of such protections and of the management of unique important information, and offers various services to release providers from the personal information policy, implementation and stages that can prove to be puzzling.

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Blockchain as a Service : Instant, Decentralized, Blockchain-base certification platform

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