Cooperation between BITPoint Taiwan and BaaSid to use BaaSid KYC & Authentication Technology

TOKYO/TAIPEI — BITPoint, one of Japan’s leading crypto currency exchanges, decided to cooperate with BaaSid Taiwan to develop and use BaaSid’s De-KYC (Decentralized-Know Your Customer) certification, login and identity verification technologies on centralized exchange markets.

BaaSid and BITPoint work together on KYC & Authentification Services for centralized crypto exchanges

It was agreed to commercialize the decentralized KYC authentication service based on ‘Instant Personal Access’ utilizing BaaSid’s decentralized blockchain-based data encryption and decentralized data splitting/distribution platform.

By adopting BaaSid’s De-KYC authentication, both parties hope to provide more security for users and greatly reduce the costs for user information management, which centralized exchanges have still to face in current times.