Split data, one of BaaSid’s core technologies

The key concept of the BaaSid project is to fragment the DB, then separate, distribute, and temporarily recombine it only when needed.

This core fragmentation technology of is called ‘Split data’. BaaSid uses Split Engine to split users’ personal information on the public network into thousands of pieces.

Thousands of the Split ID is kept with own unique password along with Public Keys. BaaS coin, our cryptocurrency, virtual wallet and the transactions will stay safe with this technology.

Think of it as a paper shredder. Our shredder, Split Engine, disassembles the documents containing important information. Similar to the piece of paper that has been fragmented through a shredder, it contains a few small letters that are difficult to figure out the content of original document.

Split ID basically splits your phone number from your name, your credit card info from your home address, etc.

These Split IDs are scattered elsewhere and re-combined temporarily when the original information is needed. Think of the arms, legs, and torso of the robot are being separated and reassembled.

With this system, users can take advantage of various Internet services safely and quickly with the strong security and convenience. Through BaaSid, you can sign up and authenticate on websites for banking, stock, shopping and etc. without any worries.

In the meantime, there have been countless hacking attempts due to the centralization of the DB, which has infringed upon the privacy of Internet service users.

BaaSid is eager to protect users’ privacy as well as protecting their rights for privacy. In order to accomplish it, thinking out of the box is essential. BaaSid is introducing new and innovative technologies that have never been on the market.

With Split data, users are now completely free from the fear of personal information hacking. The new and innovative technology that has never existed, the amazing change is about to begin. Check it out at BaaSid.com!

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