Time to React Against JNU and Jadavpur University Incidents

In My View On Anti-India slogans

Jadavpur University March

Fellow Countrymen .. Freedom of Expression doesn’t mean you are allowed to spread hatred against your native land where you were born and brought up.. Students are either mislead or paid to provoke controversy against the Nation. Students are there to study their academic subjects and we the taxpayers don’t pay for their political or anti-national activities. We are serious. 

Time to react against JNU and Jadavpur incidents. now BE Alert to Preserve our Unity and Integrity as a Nation. further.. Due to the moral and vocal support from opposition parties of India, Anti-national elements are now got motivated to repeat such events elsewhere in India. Time to actively eliminate such defective products of human error at any cost.

Our coming generations would never forgive us. To support such elements or even remaining silent against such events will provide them moral support and these events might happen again and again.. Patriot Indians will now openly oppose and help the government to knock them down. It’s high time. It’s now or never for True Indians to react in a UNISON.

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